Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Cornwall heavy accent joke burglary in 1994

Hong-sun farming very Remember

Wireless following the "senior corps" will launch new productions of "fate from organic," yesterday's drama actor Sunny Chan, Shaun Tam and Wu Yong Wei, the Chinese yuan. Cornwall, Shu-Ming Hsu and Jianghui, braving the scorching sun along the Sai Kung horticultural farms "organic farming Keys" activities, Driving experience planted the fun.

See the scene, wearing sexy clothing Kanghwa in farming was Jianghui grabs the closest that she met Xu producer shouted for her safety Mark, The funniest scenes. Cornwall said afterwards unknown prior to farming, so they wear less generous. And this is her first collaboration with the Jianghui, because we are very much in tune with each other, so once she suspected she secretly loved each other. She played in the story of a girl accent, it often joke to say in 1994, she smiled : "I liked the role very quickly food, But speaking on the radio quickly. "

Sunny to 3

Recently promoted to the post of the father's daughter, Sunny disclosed just a month, he happily : "Although the Cou female Boju tough, but interesting enough. (Will his son to make up from a "good" word?) Both male and female, to recover more than two, three. "Mr LIN said that his wife was pregnant by this time of delivery, he also understand many things. like how considerate of pregnant women and children to be patient, he encouraged married friends have children as soon as possible, because the kids really fun to go.

Wuyongwei my ugly

Another Wuyongwei said although the show is two early March during the shooting, but the same is Bowaijing drying, She drying to the skin color of the Filipino domestic helpers, making it the prospects of factory director, ordered her again Spray. She will also collaborate with Messers Alex Fong Chung-shun new productions shoot in July, accusing her of "hand me downs" replacement Zhanggeyi performances, she said : "the company said it is not, I have already got the news, Who star not important. "The new story will play her a television.

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