Thursday, June 21, 2007

Delegates ancestors who were excited to perform the director Zan

Photo : ancestral name of this person jumped opera performances

By Fang Jieming, starring Nicholas Tse and Shawn Yu's "spirits" will be shown on July 19. worried is the first time want to make an action movie ancestors were very tense, which he said felt the pressure, Because her father was starring Jackie Chan action film is too powerful, worried that their audience will be compared with his father. And the earlier shooting of the film, Chan has been observed Studios Hou, cheer for his son.

Death by fire injuries

Jackie Chan cooperation with a number of film directors Chen Mu Qing, the name of the mother to get an increase in performance appreciation, but also means he has the potential to shoot action drama. For example, a tablet jumped show, although filming the scene underground padded, but there are still three meters high, a certain risk, But ancestors are still volunteered to perform in person, action director's sudden request to insert even-glass scene, ancestors of those who understood the plot development, continue to adhere to perform in person. Ancestral name : "jump before his heartbeat very formidable, but officially began shooting a focus on spirit and forget everything. "

In addition, the mother who shot another fire war game, but nearly burned by the fire, which he described a show on the scene with Anzhijie wrestle, As the environment is too noisy, Anzhijie hear the director shout cut, with the mother who continues to fight stroke, Ling Jie under fire from the bottom of trouser leg, fortunately staff approached the first time to put out the fire. But ancestors who had felt some legs were feeling the burn.

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