Thursday, June 21, 2007

Hey Kao Sheng-mei singing Nanyang

Photo : Rebecca in Nanyang an outreach voice (this perturbation)

[Chu Great Wall, Jackie Chan Pei Nanyang -- on the 20th last night, Taiwan pop singer Toby, Kao Sheng-mei of China Nanyang world Funiu Mountain Geopark opening speeches and the first dinosaur Xixia cultural tourism festival celebrations evening fun, and the China Central Television host Henan Ji-Luyu the "difficulties", a big show of Henan, The audience attracted many fans screamed in excitement. Liu Huan, WeiWei, PGA, Shuimunianhua many other stars perform the same table.

Posted in the last century to the 1990s "cadets", "Arabian Nights" "999 roses" and other people familiar with the songs and chamber figures, now in the public mind the prince's love songs. Yesterday when the Tuen Ng Festival, the first time he came to the village of dinosaurs -- Xixia in Henan is very pleased, and praising here is very beautiful, blessed with beautiful scenery, fresh air especially, here is not only suitable for human habitation, but also suitable for living dinosaur. Tai sang love songs to sing even after, for the first time the fans sang new songs live version of "tomorrow's Shangri-La." Here, Tai also make things difficult for hosts, then follow the doctrine of Henan. In an out-and-out person of Henan Luyu "taught", a study of Tai, "the scenery here really ST! ,, "That is very classics.

Another night of a Taiwanese singer Kao Sheng-mei appearance of a red hair, are also very popular among fans and pursued, In classical music concert "Qianniandengyihui", the male has a passion fans came to power lay. GAO praised : "It is good cute! "Moderator of the Luyu high joked : :" You have just sung "Qianniandengyihui" we Xixia The young man you are such a millennium Matata. "Kao Sheng-mei void :" Is that right, I do become sorceress! "Presenters also make things difficult for her, so she said Henan. GAO is also prepared, and rise to the challenge, to the audience of fans screamed loudly said : "It is good! "Some of smell, she was in the audience to seek help at the last moment the staff for advice.

Dinner, the China National Song and Dance Ensemble, the "three plus one" band characteristics and Liu Huan, Wei Wei, Li Qiong, Dawazhuoma, PGA, Bei Ye, Gao Bao, Shuimunianhua, Tian, Du Lei, are also invited to participate in performances, is a powerful lineup, the Beat Carnival. Liu Huan's "World in my heart", "Haohange" as a wonderful finale song, evening climax.

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