Sunday, June 24, 2007

Fault worrisome unknown talent

Photo : Andy Lau admits retirement preparations

Andy Lau taking pictures of the new movie venues interview means very much appreciate their character of the Zhao Zilong, on the grounds that he importance of the family. Liu think that men always have to retire back home to take care of their families, and said he was ready at any time to retire. Liu said the truth, the stars of the "population" increasingly "aging". This writer at the Shanghai International Film Festival encountered many years of acquaintance with the industry.

Zhang names of producers in Shanghai Film Festival emerged, apart from pleasantries, we have found that the acquaintance of more than 20 years. The last meeting was in Los Angeles in 1995 when, after Taiwan move toward national commercial director. Recalling together more than 10 years ago, just like happened last week. 10th Shanghai International Film Festival, the chairman of judges fifth generation director Chen Kaige, and vertical and horizontal cinema 30 years, China is still three directors. Over several renowned film over 50 people for the film industry is still quiet but the majority of the onstage and backstage personnel are middle-aged people, the most popular niches are over 40-year-old actor. The age film "median" will not be lower than 40.

They may have been a market leader or eight or 10 years more than the movie of the post-war baby (born 1946-1964), older is 60 years old. This movie is entering retirement period, Andy Lau retirement is not too early to prepare. Unfortunately, the majority of the viewers are younger generation. Europe and the United States have said that older actors are popular, why not? Some successful examples, but small and non-mainstream trend.

At present, both the mainland and Hong Kong to add to the large number of film production, directed by renowned director and star-oriented, almost without exception. "Crazy Stone" is very rare, Andy Lau, "Asia's Star Wars" scheme is a visionary and necessary. Otherwise, we in five or ten years will be less than it is now producing the film. Visibility love the people know very well that the film talent fault, our generation will be labors of love, the new training is the only way out.

Earlier, a producer called to find a fund to help the new director shot the film office, a senior producer talks. At the beginning of producers means the success or failure does not matter, he is not afraid to lose money, the aim is to help young directors, the producers listened with interest. The second round of talks, producers claimed that after a few years should production companies listed, a producer was halted, do not want to speak. Listing financing because of the game right now to make a film of Taishechi run. Profits must be listed, the new director and shoot a high-profit film is unlikely. Personnel training and making money are two different things. Hong Kong film industry in which many wealthy investors, there is not many.

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