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Music Dierction road flowering sometimes "search" dream come true

Photo : Denis that the environment than other places, a more favorable development of independent singer

Hanmei Ao - xue, Spring blooms succumbed to the cold winter is a good season. Independent singer-Tong Wu (Denis) quiet their own music direction, in the past few years, it has been a three records, Next will be the introduction of new music CDs plus Featured will be the last one stage he summed up. Sika annual blooming orderly, and he was slowly and the music road trip, convinced that one day tours to the Ao - xue Hanmei.

Intended as a stage in the identification, WU will? first focus on the first seven songs selected for their signing 10 years ago when record companies in Taiwan to write the first song. He originally called the "are you looking for" the name changed to "search" and rewrite all the lyrics, remove 70% of melody and re-arranged to create a dream 10 years ago after 10 years.

Find implies

" Do you find, "said the high school I secretly loved the story of a girl, I used to like her very pure Chan, But after moving on to the university to see her has changed, I used to express my songs like she has been unable to find the means; After ten years, I would story behind the song back into his body, perhaps actually has been changed is our own, The new edition are looking for the concept, but I now find themselves is the thought process, called "snow." Ancient scholars feel bad sees often in the most bitter cold to Enjoying time to represent themselves nobody 1980, But I in this song lyrics to the song title and Lane wanted to say, yes or no Sika people will enjoy the annual blooming When in full bloom when someone will appreciate, I believe the world is not too highbrow and sees. the only ones not doing well enough. "For example, he said, 10 years ago, before they dish out the company was terminated, he was injured and think that the company did not understand themselves, But decades later, looking back, will be able to understand their time is not doing well enough. "Of course, that song is still the demo, I liked the idea in 1998. I regret I will not be done before, because each song on my behalf at that stage the thought process, just some things we can do better. 」"

He added that the "snow" while Guangdong version and the version of Mandarin, but also because Singapore is a record company, So his representatives will be re-starting the market in Mandarin. "I will be introduced this year to the fourth album, plus create new music selected, as the past four years, concluding the first phase, representative of my era in the independent done song. "From now on, his musical career more than a partnership, but he emphasized that his identity will remain a separate self-financed singer. "In the second stage, Hong Kong market will still be with me by several friends in? The four companies responsible Different Music, But with a Mandarin market, it is not our abilities can be done, it is not ruled out in Singapore, Malaysia and other regional record companies, from the other side is responsible for negotiating the local market work. As for the Hong Kong market, in fact, we have always been willing to cooperate with big companies, the past has been to find a company to handle other issues, but production on our own control, because of the songs and the spirit of the soul. "

Recognizing Tong Wu

"I think the most important thing is to provide music through positive messages and to listen to many more choices. In fact, it is not necessarily independent or underground only 100 listeners. Lin Yi-feng, as can be made on some of the mainstream market for good music, not because of the big companies, This has been my ideal, but the moment I am still not done, I feel that my music is still room for improvement. hope that one day I can truly become independent at one 』mainstream singers. 」他說。, "He said.

His tentative Xinshe launched in October, although the increase is the best new music, but will also have five new songs, as many as six, with nine song. The whole dish is absolutely Dierction people to re-understand the opportunity. He explained : "The best dish itself is also a idea on the one hand, I need a little break. because that would be the fifth disc is a concept of super things, I spend more time to prepare; the other hand, I will be in every dish drawn the most representative of three songs included, it is not for commercial element or increase circulation. It is because I introduced the first two discs may also not many people understand, the introduction of new choegyal favorites We want to give the re-understanding what Dierction done before. "" Search "the lyrics saying," Tomorrow will invariably-through, Plum will invariably brilliant through, " Denis has now come consciously snowmelt period, but the cold is still hope. "Songs who are the past, present and future - and I was in the present tense, have seen snow, but still do not see the plum blossom blooming That is what will happen in the future, I am confident that one day I will see the plum blossom. "

Full-time singing

On the fifth disc of music and styles, he laughs first sold-shut, but only the fourth dish Lane will be a presage of the future, music direction for two years. "My colleagues and the company wanted to try to have reached a consensus on the direction, as I am an independent nature, do not have to worry too much about marketing or financial position, we can give a road song in certain changes. Image will be compared with the past few years older, like to give a young and casual feel of professionals, is a little energy and depth of young people. "He admitted the end of the year will conduct a review to see how the development of the year and the coming year should continue, the ultimate goal is to do everything a full-time Singer-Songwriters, both can live as he likes to write his own with the public likes music.

But, in reality, as a company's own independent music and WU outside singing in a lot of red tape they have to take care of things, including the recording of "words, music, writers, supervisors," the concept idea, and Manpower, recording, and the designers and music to communicate, or even to find a sponsor to talk about the issue, contact the customer, publicity, determining market direction, all have a "Jack of all trades." In addition, he has also asked to writing songs, such as "Night subsidence situation Central" First, the two series were from the theme song of his, and expresses His company currently under another "comrade-in-arms", the singer Feng Chen, He wanted to help each other and to identify songs admission cooperation music, and for her dish out matters. "I am happy to work with other singers and musicians, as long as you have heart, and be able to communicate. "

He believed that an independent singer in the living space has been much greater than other markets, whether in the social, fans and the media acceptance has increased, although not follow the example of a large company background as the singer's fame But in his case, according to the ratio of return, or can achieve the balanced budget. He said with a laugh : "I can honestly say that I hold『 domestic 』home behind no financial support, But I have been very fortunate to find a sponsor clients, more and more shopping malls are willing to support our independent music. In addition, the overall record market sentiment is also contrary to the independent singer space, Lin Feng as a big year 『hot』 farmers, as of the last century 6, 1970s American film market has experienced significant downturn, ends the appearance of a number of very important independent films. 」"

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