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Faye Wong our membership can be a "black"

Digital signals -- following the "Faye Wong and LI Ya-peng divorce agreement" collapsed after the news. LI Ya-peng himself admitted recently had good discussions and Faye Wong, ready to have another baby. It seems to be the problem child, the two did not a chance, but relations. But just given birth to a child is not healthy, Peng Fei suitable for re-birth? In an interview with reporters yesterday, the relevant experts, the answer is "entirely possible."

LI Ya-peng son wants to admit

Recently, the Internet exploded with a LI Ya-peng and Faye Wong because of fetal birth two issues that divide the divorce news the rumor itself, LI Ya-peng said yesterday that he did want to children, but with different rumors, his wife, Faye Wong and the same idea. According to Peng Fei two friends reveal that although Faye Wong and Dou Wei's daughter Doujing child living with them. They also have their own children Li Yan, LI Ya-peng love children or being satisfied, but this time he hopes to be a son. The friend revealed that the love and the family has never been very devoted to the Faye Wong also pledged to fully cooperate with, is currently home to recuperate for another pregnancy.

Little influence policy constraint

LI Ya-peng "in addition to the children," remarks one. immediately triggered a public opinion on their reproductive plan is in compliance with the national policy question. Because previously, the State Family Planning Commission has just put forward for the right celebrity, implementation of the rich kids honorary punishment motion, and inspired two of fetal life from the discussion.

Mainland China by the majority of the city's family planning policy, LI Ya-peng and Faye Wong is the "remarriage" So reproductive Lee Wee is no problem, but if the recent birth preparations were under relevant provisions. Lee Wee because although suffering from cleft lip and palate, but not meet the policy criteria second child health conditions, and even to the conditions, also, four years after regeneration can be. However, according to authoritative survey, Most have two children of celebrities through the change of nationality to circumvent the Jishengzhengce. their "black" legalized. Faye Wong in Hong Kong resident status, the second baby will not be bound by the policy.

Senior citizens need not worry about production

Secondly arouse concern is the physical condition Faye Wong, Many of you are very concerned about the fans or even worry about escaping the age of Faye Wong is advanced maternal age, twice before undergoing cesarean section, plus there is a child with cleft lip and palate. all factors seem to cherish her children immediately. However, a maternity expert in an interview with reporters yesterday, said that these "concerns" are superfluous. "Faye Wong couples should be eliminated again fertility harelips children's concerns, because cleft lip and palate is not genetic disease Li Yan is not because LI Ya-peng harelips or Faye Wong caused by the genes. As for cesarean section, life can not be more than three times. Faye Wong well as long as the resumption of uterine well for themselves, then pregnant with the child should not be too high there will be no problem. "The experts also said that now more and more advanced maternal age, 37-year-old also gave birth to a healthy baby. Meanwhile, Mr Wee has a birthday, Faye Wong's body already has another pregnancy conditions.

Source : Beijing Morning News on May 31 news

Note : digital signals -- [or] the Grand Duchy of ORBICOM immediate news, quoted from the "Ta Kung Pao", please note.

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