Friday, June 01, 2007

Foreign entertainment URGENT : Lin Lin-sha was Punt!

Actress Lin Salu Dr Kate (Lindsay Lohan) recent negative news, no wonder she recently again "hot." Last weekend, she suspected drug abusers crash, and may have been charged with possession of dangerous drugs, and she had a week to quit as treatment.

Sha Lin is participating as from the Film! Lin (Shirley MacLaine) and the production of the comedy starring -- Shadow "Poor Things," the film came out that outside companies may abandon her. But they have the confidence to Lin-sha. The film company in three said this week that they will adjust the schedule shooting, as soon as she completed a course discharged before shooting her at the opera.

France Nanxing Olli worship death

France Nanxing Shangge worship Oli (Jean-Claude Brialy) in Paris this week, three home death due to sickness, He was 74 years old; According to his friends, thanks to Olli battle with cancer over the years, deteriorating physical health.

Olli thanks to the New Wave film one of the emblematic, in the late 1950s has participated investigation by the Department Buloh (Claude Chabrol). Be (Francois Truffaut) and high (Jean-Luc Godard) directed such films. The news of his death, France's new president, Saccozzi (Nicolas Sarkozy) to grant a declaration that, France lost "a great actor."

Michael Moore reopening of the cinema

Director Michael Moore (Michael Moore) this week in which he founded three of the "Michigan Travers e City Film Festival ", revealed that it will be re-opened an historic furniture, since the 1990s the closure of cinemas.

Moore said, The cinema Traverse City residents on the silver watch "Gone with the Wind" (Gone Wit h the Wind), and so on the card, the future, it would in winter and summer weekend for the day. screening of a series of independent films, foreign films and classic films. They will be featured in the United States, only 200 or below the screen showing of a film.

He goes to the role of explaining

Always repertoire of the great man of deep feelings he goes Goldsmith Canal (Kevin Costner), in the new movie "Mr. Brooks "-- an image change, a compassionate interpretation of the chain killer. Is this a bet shop?

He goes in an earlier interview, he strongly denied access acting role of businessman Earl Brooks, is subversion their good image As Brooks is a hero or revolution, Depending on the angle from which you see him.

Justin become CEO

American music small kings Justin Timberlake announced that the Universal Music Group and subsidiaries of the company with a for the establishment Tennman Records, chaired by him and Chief Executive Officer (CEO), its responsibilities with new signing, and for them to make records.

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