Thursday, June 21, 2007

Flywheel sea album sellers reprint

Photo : flywheel sea albums deeply loved the fans

"Flywheel sea" the first album "Cape a Paradise" launched in Taiwan yesterday, in the world "flying fan" support, Fu listed broken 70,000 sales. Buyers addition to the three orders to "fly the crowds", there are Singapore, Malaysia, Japan, South Korea or even Britain, the United States, increase overseas "flying lovers" ordering, and some even buy one is four, the publisher printed an emergency, Taiwan record albums had not been listed on the "second edition" of the records.

Hear that album sales had good news, happy to four individuals clapped his hands in joy and hope that on July 8 in Taiwan held a book signing, Fei fans can give them more support. Apart from the album to be sure, with the DVD disc book has let the "fans" surprise secret weapon Includes Miss respect with the staff of the seaside threatened crying children, as saying in Kenting beach viewfinder, staff found a heap of sand which children draw him into a mirror, wearing a long-sleeved, but the other side seems to be "a bit hot" everyone was to please his parents and grandmother to "forcibly" helped him undress, result, the otherwise very happy laughter of children suddenly refusals, Miss respect hurried play big brother to him "fond."

There Wong Yan-in Tainan County green bamboo tunnel take tours of mangroves, suddenly see a sign reads "lijin" ruins, a sign asked the boatman is the hero, boatman explained that is to say, the concept of tax vinegar (taxes), the entire boat people are laughing to hear. Dongcheng Yangmingshan bridge shooting, a group of grandmothers and grandfathers completely regardless of the side of the camera directly in the viewfinder occasion; Chen also constantly Zhuangku Confucianism could not help but laugh. Win Fights most of the dew point is the camera, who is the dew point? "Dew Point Facts" off camera own answer.

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