Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Fortunately, my field of counterfeit fetters sexy command

Katori cautious I film "Journey to the West" version of the film will be shown next month, the film got a number of guest stars. Responsible for the production of Fuji TV recently announced that sexy Ge Ji Xing Tian will not play in a movie at the fetters. Katori teammate grass (Bow shear) would just leave my sand Wu Jing. The movie will emerge counterfeit fetters teacher, in addition to Tin fortunate not to bow with the grass cut just, tokens and leave Zhu Bajie by two former South comic-LAI and cats SECRETARY play.

"The West game," live funniest capabilities

Journey (former Yugoslavia) and Sha Wujing really played within the village Guangliang as partners, but the journey is not hui in using double Ruyibang. Sha Wujing fake plate will be placed on his head, fake id will be issued cat called, and then leave fetters put on sexy miniskirt, "Pledge" is different. Four counterfeit master of the shooting a film posters which read, "West game," and "Journey to the West" only a word very scenes.

Drafting (Bow shear) just said with a smile, took two weeks to create character role, not lose the genuine Sha Wujing; Fortunately, the fields and said, she was the only one to do so can mentor.

4 "A goods" in December last year secretly filming, Fuji TV film until near the picture was released, as a secret propaganda weapon.

Heda "struggle" tea expand Asian market

The other hand, households that Tian Hui Lei Hong Taiwan and the Japanese star of the movie "Bucket of tea." Chinese tea to the film theme on a Japanese boss (Kagawa Zhao's jewelry), and daughter (Heda mins) together to Taiwan, the search for the legendary tea.

Director two years ago from the television series "instigator" engine which started to pay attention to Heda performances, but also to Japan to meet with Heda, take her acting skills, she's sensational drama scene, the director is satisfied with the results, and tailor-made for her "struggle" tea scripts. Heda, said : "This is my first film shooting in unison, is the first with a foreigner, although worried speech communication, However, I am looking forward to the new movie's performance. "

As Heda who performed the "death note" very popular in Taiwan, I believe she can take this "struggle" tea further expand the Asian market.

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