Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Woodland Xun 1000 Hua see cake jittery

Photo : Eason Chan and Yeung filming afraid to eat cakes

Eason Chan (Eason) and Miriam Yeung beat "whenever changes", during an early morning shooting day two shots fresh cake. Eason also Xiaowei : "I most like to join eat cake, although just eaten breakfast, but how many food freshness no problem! "As the director ordered to real food, they eat special first down and five television series, the duo began to surrender.

1000 Hua Xiao Wei : "really have to thank the director, since the accession to the entertainment business, in order to maintain a good posture, I have never been so many at one go eat cake and took five take, I eat a whole cake 8, is unable to eat! "Eason is still sitting next to Town, saying :" It is too delicious! "Ate some cake edge directors asked loudly :" the director, and the number of boxes of cake? "The director said that :" the other side there are 30 boxes! "Eason scared even the mouth of the cake are choking in the throat, aides took hot tea that is produced. 1000 Hua see Eason nearly choked to death or guffaw said : "The 30 boxes, I will not advance! "

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