Thursday, June 21, 2007

Jay Chou by Xiao young eliminate sex scandal

Xiao Zhou Zhong restore order to study Feelings

Jay Chou self-directed the film "can not be said. Secret "of the two sides in late July to three simultaneous exhibition yesterday Zhou Zhong-kai movie actress Wong Kwai-magnesium (Xiao) arrivals, and the Hong Kong media. Zhou Zhong found only this time the 17-year-old Xiao performances, it is unclear whether the fear of mass scandal, he stressed that people just like brother and sister. Xiao is also very smart, in a press conference, the director is also an opponent praising sent large, and praising his talent is amazing, no airs, in the next to have a look Zhoudong sorry, the only embarrassed smile : "ok! "

Self-old students

Yesterday's press conference attracted a large number of media scene interviews, 2001. Zhou Zhong meeting about the role of theater and film experience has been the 28-year-old Zhou Dong, in a movie this time to return to a student, Xiao and his secondary students. He did not hide the fact that he had nor young, hope that it will soon my students, recovered memories of the past, because again later. He was afraid of his own not to come. He laughed and pointed, in fact it is now "old students." He is not afraid to think Junchang a study period with his eyes object feeling. Xiao is only 17 years old, asked him to the other side to do the heroine, afraid that the re-scandal? Zhou Zhong said with a smile not, but we really, as well as brothers and sisters. He said this finding Xiao performance is mainly read each other's "blue door," she is fit, she will be invited to filming.

Romantic piano together

They asked when shooting unforgettable? Zhou Zhong refers to a show to play the piano together with Xiao, scene of the most impressive, as a show it is not the original motive of them. become a tacit agreement, feeling very romantic. Zhou Zhong refers to the upcoming exhibition of the film, so he will have to fight the feeling that they should make full preparations "weapons." Fortunately, the invitation of the "godfathers" of Anthony Wong, he would have a warm feeling. He is shooting Qiusheng ask? He confessed and "godfathers" of the idea, he must convince the other side with his approach to acting. He described feeling like a review of the child favor.

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