Friday, June 22, 2007

Sunyaowei canned abalone when life

Photo : Sun Yao Wei, who has a special penchant for abalone

Cuicui with Sun Yao Wei Ye Qi attended yesterday's Hollywood Plaza luxury gourmet food test, the duo whip cook abalone, Sunyaowei to eat even with the vegetables can not help but want to eating. The duo under the guidance of the chef garnished abalone, a taste of both when eating with relish. Sunyaowei more exaggerated, said : "Easy abalone is, food that are willing to die. "He explained always like to join their eating abalone, the family often reserves when life canned abalone, tried Fresh off a three, 4 abalone.

Sunyaowei also disclosed recently from the entrance to forget out heaters, I think back to the Tang has come across burning? , Also sought by the burning, the whole kitchen covered with broken glass, the wall was another black fume smell. Fortunately, that night he did not go to the Po, otherwise might be inconceivable. However, when he refers to this fire is popular because home prices rose by one million. He has recently launched a new record sales of ideals, he will ask my colleagues to eat abalone? He said with a smile will ask the canned food abalone, shark's fin. He miserly reporters, he said that even if the records now sell, nor did the money, if not more selling to the sale. colleagues believe that the company will understand that.

Mr Cui said that in the past when I studied in London have whip, but returned after less. Asked her boyfriend to cook whip eat? Cuicui Xiaowei had suffocated to study the whole cake and eat dessert for her boyfriend. It was reported recently that she has a boyfriend, but still attended Kouhong-Ping Chan and natural arrangements for the dinner to catch subcompacts. She said the title is unhappy to see, because now, apart from the father and other men around her, she would decline. who do not want to be misunderstood is not decent campaign. As to find that she says now like older, prudent and pragmatic type of men.

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