Sunday, June 03, 2007

JoTo Choi Authors reflect on Love

JoTo exotic stars on the 1st of this month in Tokyo Roppongi publicize its new song "Tear's Rainbow" songs for her Japanese TV drama series starring "Qingdingdafandian" theme song, and by JoTo first lyricist Choi sacrificed her first. She said with a smile, as if by lyricist read their diaries, very embarrassed, she initially thought that he will not be successful, Nevertheless, filled with words to have handy. She also said that their views of love into the lyrics also, together with their own illusions to complete lyrics.

Sound like my child, she on the same day for the animated films "Piano forest" for the public record, She plays in a child's voice, the child often genitals and the use of abusive language hanging on the gate, JoTo color but also as service as a ritual. She almost always dubbing children are assigned role, but JoTo betting that the adult female voices more difficult ticket, So performers have children is not bad.

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