Sunday, June 03, 2007

"Runny" actor gain in both wealth and fame

"runny Storm" recently become so hot

Man City Heat "runny Storm" climax after another ratings or more, it will become the largest wireless drama winner? Own ratings data belt. Taiwan-distance ceremony six months, net surfers can not wait to drive at the end of the year before issuing forecasts, forecasting more "best male, Actress "," Male and female supporter "and progress awards, practiced by Tang won, points Hao Chen, Li Division game, Kwan Ju, Eliminate Linuo Yi and the formula for certainty.

On the game to play is to play each and every program hinges on the success of co-operation and interaction between groups traction, nor alone two, three main show will become worried. "Pond" opera performer celebrity, but in fact belong to the frontline artists is not a lot, say worried Shuai flag Xia, Li Division game, Guan Ju and Michele, if piecemeal is not calculated to send idols, costumes before the broadcast not mention a win grasp. But on the role of the appropriate allocation of trespassing victory-articulation. Secretary of chess expert "Su" is the catch phrase instinct, Kwan Ju splash with the world, those for trespassing on his just-intelligent role Michele defenses to pay attention to the audience of surprises.

The younger generation in turn affected by the cream of Health Dan, a component of the giant Blank genogram, grasping both play scattered thermal luminescence. Feng Lin, Chung Jia-Xin grapple love attracting better than the battle for the main line - perhaps even more so. In order to keep abreast of the emotions, the patron saint also develop Hao Chen Jing seems stupid on the direction of the specialty, though not much for the game Linuo Yee, simply to "Fortune and Danny" innocent look opportunistic win, and even Ruanzhaoxiang focus farce, also my intention to life's uncle covetousness huge wave role, but a good mouth-slide with the Bosco Wong Chong was hailed by the Yang Yi, the story is only acceptable, not conspicuous.

Apart from which most Luo Awards are assessed, "runny Storm" should at least receive "the best combination of all the" consolation prizes. 40-episode drama to make a long music Plaza and cheers, it was rarely for show and not a rumor, also Anyway, Fine Lease openly embrace sister Neck Road sister said only response to the plot and publicity requirements, the lens can pay the full amount of outside play confer on people to see, has been awarded a worthy step Old Twins awards for feedback.

"Runny Storm" family's charitable fund-raising stop Chest Show, I have heard that fills the stage and ripped them real money entertainment households yet to come, such as when "Meteorology good" Eliminate the famous line : "I have also, and, He also had no mouth. "Family had a natural gas generating happy, the audience also won reputation earned extra money for his win-win situation.

Mongolia also is the same person, "runny" applause line is something brought before the broadcast of the "senior corps" a good harvest. While this requires drama and foreign drama "Well pretty easy to be too" strikingly similar, but the three-man team of Sheren Tang. Ms Cecilia Yip and business days - E is the spotlight, Sheren Tang also forecast the current Taiwan-award winning again. Mr Michael Tse and good partners victory End Zai-sheng.

After all, winning or not advantageous geography and supports from people cope with stress, so the actors can play out of his way to the role of partnership with the impact of competitors, is acting outside the benefits of return, and the audience its ability to identify with the awards presented with the same incentives. Of course, the prize in hand more icing on the cake, the two needs.

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