Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Kary MV to shoot archery targets halo of vomit

Kary pegged to the criticisms, dizziness

Wu Yu-fei (Kary) will this week 6 (9) birthday the day before the new album "In Control", She more recently with the latest disc by Taiwan song "Control" shoot MV, which is a fast dance song She danced to pretty special dance school three months earlier, the company not only spend five figures for her film Tim clothing, Also in the songs arranged six dancers around with a long, spent hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Irresponsible companies love

For the love, Kary smiled : "every company under a pair of artists are good, not eccentric. Xin She is my birthday this year, the best gift, I think that excited and happy, but will make every effort to do so. not make any special affection for my disappointing. "MV during filming, Kary after another three sets of clothes, consecutive jump of nearly eight hours, a bit of physical collapse. To keep healthy drinking water to supplement drinks and energy. MV particular circle to create a giant target for attacks, and Kary large fonts upside switch. Initially she feels good fun, but the film has a number of dizziness, almost to vomit!

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