Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Toot Fangjun love to be involved

Mr Lui Fong and the toot of love, Li Haolin (right) used to engage in atmosphere

To celebrate the 10th anniversary of the handover, RoadShow night at the Convention and Exhibition Center, Wan Chai, "Heartbeat Evenings" Masters lineup includes E (toot), Li Haolin, high Hao, which is performed with singer Alan Tam, Hacken Lee, Miriam Yeung, Zhongtianchao lateral fields, Wei Shi, ZHENG Rong, Mr Lui Fong, and so on.

Toot to sell CDs to introduce Wang Keqin provocatively, said Ke-like quickly to do Daddy, Hao was then high and Li Haolin will visit Mr Lui Fong responsibility to toot. Mr Lui Fong toot to tell us about the characteristics of the reunification 10 years, he said this decade, the number of Hong Kong Disneyland and wetland park, Unexpectedly high Hao Fangjun is referring to the meaning of the site, the resort casual dating couples, he said toot ask what is the meaning? Li Haolin toot that -- that have asked to buy things these places? Toot bluntly anti-snapped at the caller said : "none of your Miezi! "

The boss was summoned Lim Yue favored Miriam Yeung, in the evening, accompanied by Yue less Handover evening. 1000 Hua explained that the mountain is less paternity host to the bosses. Rumor has it Sammi (Sammi Cheng), "an inch" bosses and out of favor, but even in 1000 Hua boss favor? This 1000 Hua said laughingly : "big, right Easy proudly, smiling gel-speaking boss without special tin side, I lay in the system. "Sammi concert means doing a very good job, opened in October 1000 Hua NBC will pressure? She feels that everyone has a different performances, there will be no pressure on the other side to see a concert like to learn from this. feel the atmosphere.

This concert, 1000 Hua candor will only be responsible for some singing, and all the other arguments would not like her Xinshe, Dawn then by the whole thing. Recently she's Song, "" as the downloading of ringing tones, but also makes a profit, proved to be "old Lebanon" Therefore, the concert will uphold this spirit, but when dawn to filming, she did not have any time to the concert grounds, will be handed over to the manager alone.

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