Sunday, June 03, 2007

Kary tears singing pant normal

Wu Yu Fei reminder to be improved

Guojinan, Sun Yao Wei, Jiang if Lin, Wu Yu Fei (Kary), and Wang Chen Bo Yu Wan's, yesterday to attend the "voter registration opening ceremony of the Hong Kong Building Building effort to register as voters" urged the public to register as voters. Anzi them living in Tai Po Tsai early years when registered as voters, in recent years, moved to Sai Kung, he also knew to go retroactive to address formalities.

Anzi as voters

As access to the Sai Kung only a one-way street, and on weekends and holidays more tourists will come and eat seafood traffic congestion occur, Anzi they have been misunderstood his habit of late, it is hoped that the authorities would improve the traffic situation in Sai Kung. Meanwhile, he recently found that the tariffs paid one-third less than in previous years, to replace the original cable and reduce consumption. Anzi, together with the mid-Zhengjiaying Mengjiahui for wireless and shoot new productions, and is also playing the evil role. He also charges for wireless video diet programs, but also relieved the six cooking vegetables, He boasts that all power can be used as a restaurant to eat.

Sing and dance

Kary, who just turned 18 years of age have registered as voters, but three years did not cast their votes, due to living in the Happy Valley area of the district board members do not know, do not want chaos vote. Also yesterday she looked tired because of the recent work of many, coupled with allergic rhinitis caused ear plugs, ear hearing is malfunctioning, Fortunately, or not sing, but they want to steroid injection. Kary side accused the fields of music was not enough to get dance and singing also panting, she admitted that some unhappy because of the feeling that they were singing and dancing, 11 hours a day sound normal, but the future, she will run the chi-training.

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