Saturday, June 16, 2007

Keqin display of diamond earrings to refute rumors

Photo : "Po Leung Yiu star-studded" performances tonight, a public worship in front of the stage and behind the scenes at the ceremony

Magazine wrote Hacken Lee and his wife Leichuyi For the famous restaurant chains, Keqin purchased four cards Juzuan comfort his wife, He also said Leichuyi pregnancy and cutting hair. Keqin attended yesterday's "star-studded Yiu Baoliang" rehearsals, on the relevant reports, Keqin obviously came well prepared, He first demonstrated its new purchase of diamond earrings, and said that wearing a diamond earrings, is the day to buy, but since he was wearing. reports have said is not used to comfort his wife, Mrs. As for whether the mosquito? Keqin still refuses to admit, but also insisted that the pre-production period is July (referring to its Xinshe), a reporter will ask what Aaron.

Juzuan denied buying gifts Stepford Wives

He reported for Juzuan buy gifts Stepford Wives, Keqin first said with a smile : "Thank you give a magazine cover confer on me, I know that the recent fight song, So awake. "The report of the newspaper, he bought four cards Juzuan sent his wife and Keqin clarification said :" I bought between one pair of earrings Zo, I see my wife Haonai buy Forget, so he took me to buy, if really buy this famous restaurant chains Juzuan four cards, your good will. I just between ordinary people, reports exaggerated Zo. 」"

Refusing to confirm whether the pregnant wife

Leichuyi asked him whether Tatu, Keqin refused to answer, simply saying : "Pre-production period between July and asked Aaron else. "This paper also pointed out that his wife to see a Chinese tocolysis? Keqin clarification said : "The text of the Chinese surname Ye, and only five years ago, when the cold to watch over, after no more Quti, I would like to set the record straight, Wu Xiang unfair to practitioners. I admit Chinese Air Conditioning body, but a big name to watch leaves of Chinese medicine, Wu Xiang Well happy time of Chinese medicine, Wu Xiang is a confusion. "Leichuyi means cutting hair convenient to have babies, Keqin said :" The woman expense hair, long wanted to cut, short-term wanted to stay long, want to direct the music, each woman are all Easy. "Then he expressed the hope to put more time doing Xinshe, and said :" Do not say Easy today, tomorrow revisit stay Fan. "Then visit.

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