Saturday, June 16, 2007

Twins tonight Latin dance performances

Photo : A Sa and 4:30 for tonight's performance in particular-made costumes

"Wireless" and organized by the Po Leung Kuk, "Yao Baoliang star-studded" large charitable program will be held tonight at the Gongguan. especially in the Gongguan yesterday afternoon outside worship ceremony to pray for a smooth performance, attended singers including Hacken Lee, Twins and other Yeung.

Evening program, and the Twins will hit Sun Boy'z cooperation Latin dance performances. A Sa in the last fund-raising events, the same Latin dance performances, unfortunately, "Xianzhushou" this time they jump with Sun Boy'z Latin dance, ask A Sa will be worried about the recurrence of "Xianzhushou"? She said with a smile, "The department has said Sun Boy'z gel! "Twins do not deny this Latin dance performances very difficult, They are special and is responsible for the Latin American-made costumes, whether very sexy? They tell us that when we look at programs that sneaked away for the defense, they will certainly take safety measures.

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