Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Krusty high Zheng shoes Juetao soft feet Aberdeen

Photo : Krusty jump feet more bothered

Krusty portfolio earlier Mandarin songs as "no big deal" MV shooting. Krusty more new images show, short hair look, shorts, coupled with high Zheng shoes, and I were comfortable, and the natural feeling, yet girl flavor.

Up with blisters

MV shooting day, Krusty wear dancing shoes Zheng foot jump a few minutes is really jumping feet. Halfway for a break, see Jan damage to the legs, but also a "sleeper" from blisters and quickly affixed with tape. After a while, Jan reluctantly continued shooting. Jan said afterwards : "I always like to join a good high Zheng shoes, but after today, and I began to hate high Zheng shoes. "But Krusty should be psychologically prepared, because the company has indicated that it would be possible for them to look forward to a higher Zheng shoes Leading duo to train hard, do English. Elan also said : "The family and will recite the scheduled Coaxial fend for scenes, but one God and Municipal pro - or low point-like fend for themselves, Coaxial etc. Well aware of the audience. 」"

Alan easy to cry

Alan has always been easy to laugh cry easily, this time not from the film MV character. Alan said : "I personally too sentimental, and easy to play, easy commissioning is good cry, But rich feelings of acting with singing is good help. "This first new song releases large campaign declaration that the lack of love does not mean anything. When asked whether they buy things important, they also said : "In fact, money is critical. 」"

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