Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Mengjiahui won Fortunately no one making love

Photo : Mengjiahui and Zhengjiaying have owned and insulation scandal

Wireless new productions of "peer with the enemy," a public trial modeling actor yesterday to attend a Guojinan actor, Zhengjiaying, Mengjiahui. Shange business days and I Lady Maurine other. Mengjiahui absent earlier dramas "runny storm" of publicity, she was dissatisfied with the role of the third party. She denied it, because she had to, and Lin Feng to the field publicity about it. Rumor has it that, because she was only casual dating, she exemplified in the new cut, she refers to their already know a speech to a third party, Before producers have asked her if she mind. If she is really mind, I would not go Speech. Put it more carefully I forgot to say : "sets the opera opened, I did not go on dates. "She has to know their make mistakes and looked embarrassed. She also said with a smile and Lin Feng in Paiju, they just could not help referring to the role of "Gounannu:" But fortunately she out to the streets do not have to be 闹.

Zhengjiaying plays in a sitting of his Chancellor of the decade, particularly so in the right corner of the eye with scars. Xinhua said that he could finally write this rejection Medina, and other female actors. He said with a smile and Mengjiahui In fact, this is the third round of cooperation. Mengjiahui mentioned blew love Zhengjiaying smiled when asked whether she Jianglesuoshenma, so that he did not talking nonsense.

Exu : Indifferent copied Bridge

Shange business day yesterday, when asked, "senior corps" average viewership as a whole crown, she is happily said with a smile, or later about everyone fresh abalone celebration. Have accused the outcome of the show, a copy Western films, Exu said they did not know, but she feels even copied to copy it did not matter. Different people to his way of different ways. Turning to reports that she cohabited with their boyfriends, but not the. Ejiexiaowei we are adults, a normal life, whether married or shunt it did not matter.

I Lady Maurine sister car accident coma

Also, I Lady Maurine present at the press conference yesterday, appeared to be quite unhappy. Before her original 66-year-old sister in traffic accidents coma that at her sister takes off after doctors saved her no, just not die. She pointed sister within three days to do four major surgery, has been unconscious and finish after brain surgery, the first of more swollen like a watermelon the same. She said this is the only sister unfortunate, but most worried about the brother-in-law, because it will become lonely elderly.

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