Saturday, June 16, 2007

Lam Kin-modeling vigorously recruit artists

Photo : Dai Mengmeng (left), said Lim, who is the cause of her benefactor

Lam Kin-under Narrowly Wins Entertainment Ltd. will vigorously department manager, and signed a number of artists, including Dai Mengmeng. Wireless artistes-jing, lost to Miss Maiya V.O.X. and four combinations, yesterday and arranging for them to meet with the press. In addition to identifying the artists, will be set up after an agency and in the Mainland and Hong Kong in finding the right candidate, Mr Lam Kin-ming : "I hope for Hong Kong music and the performing arts sector cultivate more new faces. "And vigorously after the first artillery, July 2 will be held at the Tamar site in celebrating activities "to embrace the 10th anniversary of the big parties Pop Rock" Apart from the artistes under Daming, participants also Crickets, Yip Sai - wing, Jing-Xuan Zhang, ZHENG Rong and Wang Wan with her. And the William sisters in September, the concerts will Daming also a co - As Sam (Sam) concert, Lim, who said they have been working with Sam dumping, but the venue is a big problem, because the Stadium 22:00 will be closed and So it to the site to identify Sam.

Dai said that Lin is Mengmeng Bole

Mengmeng had before the unclear direction of the future and themselves away for some time, thanks to Dr Law Chi Kin-1980 flag, and signed a two-year contract, asked whether substantial reward? She said : "The most important thing is the company gives me a lot of opportunities, the future not only to sing but also in film and television for many try, Lin said yes, I can cause the benefactor. (Company plans to invest the amount of money in your possession?) At least eight figures! 」"Although the contract only months, but she has already received a lot of work will have to go if today Qingyuan and Shaoguan such as the Olympics do show, She said : "We do not know not to bring swimsuits? Because of flooding, have a little worried that if the disaster is really serious, they will donate money. "As for her new album is expected to launch towards the end.

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