Saturday, June 16, 2007

Ms Loh said her daughter has not yet know the father

Photo : Ms Loh (left) and her husband, Ng Ka Lok publicity attending cosmetics

Has been low-key with their children too Ms Loh, since Chia music class for women, more show up; But the night was a rare and happy families who attended the Aberdeen Brobbi Brown cosmetics brand campaign After more media interviews to discuss their daughter's recent behavior. Ms Loh said : "My daughter is physically well, but we (she and Walker) busy with work often can not take care of her, Fortunately, help care for a Mummy. (She may have understood walk?) No, but often in bed sink, it may want to get out of bed. "As for Walker to appear on the screen, his daughter also did not recognize him, only to have his voice response.

Chenpeijia large female presence

Another night, attended by guests Chan However, Dai Lin Xiong and Chenpeijia (Balia), and so on. Highlights of the event will star cosmeticians Zing spot modeling for the makeup demonstration. Balia which was wearing sexy gowns big showing color appearance, Yan-pressure audience. She refers to a now wearing big backs, if not the weather is hot again wear than Kennedy? She said : "I am going to the beach before foreign dare wear than Kennedy, (dare to be nude beaches?) Will have the opportunity to try, But one must go, nobody knows where wonderful test. 」"

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