Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Lee Choi-wah cousin spokesmen for the facelift

Mr Lok Leak (left), sheng, the youngest, Wu Wenxin, Jiayongqian four spokesmen homogeneous appearance

"Change Liang D" recently found Li Cai Chinese cousin from Guangzhou as the first facelift Jiayongqian male voice. Wu Wenxin yesterday, the sheng, Chen Yue-shan and Leak, Jiayongqian four facelift spokesmen, in conjunction with the boss Hsiao set together at the press conference.

Originally called the Jiayongqian Liu Yan, 18 this year. He does not deny that this is all cosmetic for the future to pave the way for the entertainment business. He will fold eyelids, from moles and play Botox. His appearance, his family originally opposed because of it to be hampered in all kinds of physical parents, fearing that he would be disfigured. But in the end he persuaded the family. Cai Li and his cousin-enough to support him, to remind him not to have too much pressure, so men should be bolder. Now Jiayongqian weight is 160 pounds of big fat boy, he would like to cut 30 pounds and reaches six abdominal muscles.

Hsiao before looking for a set of five male artists, but all chicken out. A Rain find this cousin spokesmen do, it seems that he and Rain A good chance. In response, Hsiao set an A Rain admits he is the life of Angle (Angel), Whenever he would appear when the crisis. Then he will find Rain A spokesman for the Friends do? Hsiao set up a connection with Lin Feng, referring to photographs of each other already, certainly not.

Sheng, Alexandra getting into trouble in school uniforms

Wu Wenxin said, many Boys are Tan Liang, before she dared facelift. because she has a male friend had cut the nasal bone and fighting Botox. She added that many circle of male artists have cosmetic surgery. 問她是誰時,她立即封嘴。 Sheng, Alexandra magazine was photographed earlier attended a party school uniform, was a man Xiong Xi, but also because she fit into the school uniform, with a prestigious schools, the schools have expressed dissatisfaction, but also said that it would retain the right to legal proceedings. Sheng, Alexandra said that night in a game of "junk collectors" of the game, physical contact is inevitable that she has to say sorry Boys. As for the uniforms, she initially did not recognize. However, she said if misunderstandings, the school she wants to say sorry.

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