Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Jizai encountered Ah See ignored

I pass Jizai plate with Ah See photo

Leo Ku vocals, Mark (Mark) compose the new song "Jianjianjianjian" Denise in their blog imply that this song is copied Veteran British rock group Queen's "Bohem ian Rhapsody. " In last night's return dinner, and Ah See Jizai wins, the reporter roped two kids, generous performance Ah See, Jizai very cool and the entire process with no smile, no Ah See ignored. Jizai after stressing that there is no speculation song and pointed their own songs with "Bohemian Rhapsody" melody completely different, but similar Styles of Music.

Evenings, Ah See Jizai asked to see whether the embarrassment? She said : "Forget that picture, it does not matter. (Miles, you are a clear conscience? ) We write big serious. "Jizi media interviews, Ah See reporter just to take pictures with Jizi, Ah See one coming, it Jizai-a-mouth, Ah See with no conversation, full smile, thereby making Ah See embarrassing performance. Ah See had to take the initiative to open the topic, saying that he was dressed with Jizai contrast, the same as no surprise Jizai response after photo, Ah See Jizai courtesy to say goodbye, but this time Jizai also pretending to be generous, said goodbye to each other.

Styles of Music is the same stress

Ah See to be implying that he copied songs, Jizi, said : "Last night saw only after unloading newspapers, the so-called news, I only progressive rock song-type song, with the melody on "Bohemian Rhapsody" Wu Tong, Styles of Music is the same, if they heard the two songs, Wutong melody know, we listen to proposals under two song. "Asked whether the reported Jizai irritated? He said : "A call to beat Mark. "Ah See said even if a packet hit songs, but the element of the passage of speculation that she would rather not. Jizai hearing later stressed : "This is only the same type of expense song, a big plagiarism. "Paco on the side explained that similar types of songs will always happen, you different points of view. Ah See without naming names, this is her personal attitude.

Continued Jizai asked whether unwanted copying of songs? Initially said he was unwilling to answer that spoke, the reporter asked again, he said that it had copied elements of a song, it should not be used. A Mark again accused speculation songs response? Jizai called everyone back to Argentina to ask Mark. At this point Paco excitement : "A Mark stresses and Jizai expense song, I would like to thank them for me using any publicity. "Jizi shoot Paco shoulders to comfort, said :" Ah See all without speaking the name, the names will not stereotype anybody. "

Later, Jizi call to the media, did not explain the night ignored Ah See is just a misunderstanding, and said with a smile greeted Ah See, ask ourselves is polite people.

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