Saturday, June 09, 2007

Leo Ku express hope fans do not want to see fall

Photo : Leo Ku do not want to fall, and hopes fans income storm

Leo Ku earlier Denise Dark series was copied songs, resulting in two groups of fans fracas. Jizai attend the concert the night before, and then asked about this, he admitted in private bloggers have stated hope that the less right and wrong, hope that the fans understand his mind, his future Ah See and talk, then they will not be embarrassed. Concert, Jizi asked not to put them to send the opposite sex? He admitted sending many times, Mummy and most of the ex-girlfriend he had received the gift of diamond ornaments. Jizai explained like trying to put them to send the reason is because he likes to see the girl to wear ornaments.

Kary IP Xinshe engage sexy party

Evening with performances by Miss Yu Fei (Kary), Luyao Both the vest dress, and very sexy scene, Kary conference to announce the good news is that her Xinshe has 10,000 orders, the results very satisfactory. Kary today is the 21-year-old birthday, I believe it would be her best birthday gift, in order to console a group of behind-the-scenes hero Kary intends to their own money together to celebrate, said with a smile engage in a sexy best birthday parties, Whenever sexy girl must attend, photographs of the men and they will not be allowed to, in addition to the muscle, but also on Six Feet over the height. Asked her birthday wishes? Kary candor hope Xinshe can sell.

Recently criticized her Xinshe cover Tao Zhe copied for the "beautiful" record holder, this Kary denied and Boys have different campaign, accused her and the bulk of shooting lights the way with this cover Tao Zhe very similar, Kary themselves born beautiful, it is inevitable to rely on the lighting clouding As for the artistic photos, she felt that it was universal.

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