Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Lu:huiyi On sneaked away : life experiences.

Photo : Chen Yin Mei (left), Zhou Wei and sympathy Yumiko Lu:huiyi

CCTV to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the reunification of Hong Kong with a special documentary produced by the "Decade" will be staged at the Central Taiwan TVB Pearl and two pay channels in Taiwan news broadcast of the event, particularly Wireless yesterday hosted a grand press conference broadcast, and an invitation to attend public officials, Girdles, including deputy director of the Liaison Office Zheng Kunsheng, the Constitutional Council and the Mainland Affairs Secretary Stephen Lam. Hong Kong Central Policy Unit, Professor Lau Siu-kai, Tsang Hin-chi, and three Miss Stanley Ho Yin Mei Chen, Zhou Wei and Lu:huiyi. and the deputy director of CCTV, Zhang Changming, more personally, together with other guests to lighting ceremony.

Miserable for Yumiko

Lu:huiyi memories of the reunification in 1997 when they were a secondary, and the decade most memorable event, she thought the SARS incident because there are many touching stories. For Yumiko Cheng (Yumiko) recently in Canada for the live broadcast rejection shirt dew point, Lu:huiyi also helped her feel miserable. Because it is live programming, if the video could have been remedied, this can also alert me, After doing the scene programs to be more careful, but fortunately we have three winners often attended together, we can remind each other as well. "On this year's Miss Pageant have sneaked away, she said :" This is a life experience, the next careful not, should not the next. 」"

Meanwhile, Chen Yin Mei has seen the sneaked away Yumiko phase, as they are employed, she was very miserable for the other side, She asked how to prevent peacetime sneaked away? She said : "The company must teach our backing, and they will be out before the show before the mirror as much as possible to do some major moves to test whether the loose clothes sneaked away, but some things did not expect, hope Yumiko not be depressed! "

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