Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Shanghai International Film Festival closing Zhuangzhuang won the Best Director Award

Photo : Among those with "Wu Qingyuan" won the Best Director Award (this perturbation)

[Zhang Fan Shanghai on the 25th -- the 10th Shanghai International Film Festival concluded last night. Lord of the nine awards presented from January 1. German film "perfect plan" arrogate Best Actress Award for the best film award and two awards, the night became the biggest winner, Fifth Generation directors Tian Zhuangzhuang relying on the "Wu Qingyuan" won the current Shanghai Film Festival Best Director Award. This is the Shanghai International Film Festival entries China's best film achievements. Was shown at the closing ceremony of the famous French director Hou Hsiao-hsien's new "red balloon."

Stars reduced red carpet

The star-studded opening ceremony last night, the closing ceremony was also no lack of heavyweight stars up the market. Many famous movie stars attended the closing ceremony, including Kung Fu star Jackie Chan, the internationally renowned actress Emma Watson, Taiwan's renowned director Hou Hsiao-hsien, the famous Hong Kong movie star Aaron Kwok, a famous director Chen Kaige and his wife, and so on. Many old movies were present, but also the closing ceremony have become more mature and Xu thick flu : Lu. QIN Yi, and other famous performers have on a red carpet through, bearing arguably.

"Perfect plan" Productive

The first awards were presented to the best Music Award and Best Cinematography Award. Best Music Award from the Japanese film "of a warrior -" Music Fu Tian-xun each taking. Best Cinematography Award from the film "Wu Qingyuan" Yu Wang won the photography. Israeli film "Aiweiwa, I love," Xie meters screenwriters? Zalingei won the Best Screenplay Award.

Film Festival on the most heavily weight the best film award by the German director Fulanjishika? Meilaici Qi film "perfect plan" winner have. The film's four Actress : Ruina examination? He Harvard, Dagmar? Mansel, Section J.? Bulaoke and Christine? gracious because the film was Best Actress Award This film festival is the first time in history, the birth of the "quadruplets" Film has become the biggest night of the accident.

Best Male Actor Award by the Spanish film "Samuel crazy," Juan? Jose? Balieshida access. Concern the jury prize at the Finnish director Klaus? HALO directed the film "La fled."

"Wu Qingyuan," in addition to best photography, I am Among those also won the Best Director Award. It is understood that Among those already back in Beijing, in response to the invitation of the organizing committee after the end of the film school students papers after a reply, Also rushed back to Shanghai to attend the presentation ceremony. Chinese director He Ping, and the Japanese director of small Li Kangping, Kinmen and Matsu-winning Aaron Kwok together took office presented the Best Director Award. Each of the platform saying : "The best director and I had to grow, small chestnut Kangping and power to the director of a kind. "Then turned to Aaron Kwok said :" You have to consider the switch to the directing. "When the small chestnut Kangping read" Among those "name, the audience applause, the host is a novel : "Originally, the director had to grow up beard ah. "

Among those that do not lonely

Always be considered very boring Zhuangzhuang initiative, said : "In recent years, I found the film many of our brothers and sisters College active in the Shanghai Film Festival. hope that in the future more Shidishimei here to accept the award. , "Said moderator asked the sentence :" There is an expression regardless of what is happening in the world, you can endure loneliness. "Among those immediately refuted :" It is duped by the media, I actually true loneliness. "

Meanwhile, the Chinese film director Yin Li film "Cloud water Bellflower" classical interpretation of the emotional feelings of a pure impressed the judges. This is the Shanghai International Film Festival Award.

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