Monday, June 25, 2007

Miss Gigi Leung return to show the head of Buddha

Photo : Miss Gigi Leung to return to Sao head

Miss Gigi Leung (Jay), the official Thomas (Ella), Wilson (Kenny). Denglixin (Stephy) and Wu were other night to attend the "Kuang arrives in Hong Kong. Islands people wags the 10th anniversary of the reunion, "there was more fireworks, it attracted many residents early afternoon. a group of singers it was the first time to view the fireworks display in the Big Buddha, the mood was excited.

Grand Buddha spots praising the U.S.

As in outdoor activities, hot weather, fireworks displays when completed, the public gradually dispersed. until the last one guest performers Ella appeared at the scene only 100 spectators, and the scene was desolate. Grand performances to take the lead, this is the first time that Buddha, were very excited, holding video cameras all around phase, greater praise here is a really good attractions and asked her to bring her boyfriend to foreign tour? She immediately said : "No! (Is it at hand?) So back to friends, I can bring their friends to look at this magnificent building. "Finale featured the face of Ella scenes, which are feeling unhappy? She said to see the support of their fans, the General Assembly also told her it was the traffic arrangements, she would not mind, Instead, I regret to see the fireworks.

Kenny does not mind jokes WPC

Kenny Tungaokang August and will be held together a mini-concert, which he developed independently for the first time since. So feeling excited and nervous, then there will be no secret weapon? He admitted it is still being conceived, every evening also met with colleagues. Would very much like to engage in a people's concert, he later than many baked singer, has held mini-concerts, even have the opportunity to open concerts? He said : "I want, but understand that some things can not be rushed, and do it step by step. hope that they can have the opportunity to open a personal Mini Concert first. (Why put so lamentable?) Kazakhstan, I just lazy-! 」"

Another spoke of the recent online netizens have accused him of the "Recruit ambitious" performance gentle and suitable WPC more? He also could not help but hear this said with a smile : "Easy funny! But this is the tale of the request, because the story I told the son-shan is to make people feel a just a Sophie. (Now viewers have these feelings that you have very successful performances?) Ha ha, thank! I do not think it makes just more fear than Qunjia Aberdeen. But no matter what criticism is I progress, that is a good thing, but the malicious slander on the need to care about. "But before the launch takes place, creating a protagonist Daodaiyu and Guoxianni scandal that has led to poor ratings. Kenny said is not clear, Cox did not think they caused the collapse of the whole drama? He said : "I do not know! I did not take care of himself, a theater audience not by one or two people responsible. (However, the two did not attend any promotional activities?) Not know that no attention. 」"

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