Monday, June 25, 2007

Yin Chen Mei-return Sao Masters flawed

Photo : Chen Yin Mei (left) frequently wrong, in the Highlands and Aunt Asian-mentioned point

Hacken Lee, Kwan Ju, Zhongtianchao. Miss Jade Kwan to attend the "Hong Kong Federation of Women to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the" big celebration evening activities invited actresses (Du Aunt), Patrick Fung and Chen Mei-yun as master of ceremonies, Masters experience very simple Yin Chen Mei Ma Ma performance seriously, often drinking a screwdriver, more flawed, Fortunately, the experienced Du Feng Zi Aunts and the next best. Opening remarks by Du Aunt asked to return in 97 hours to do what she could have replied : "in a foreign country with their families to watch ... a big return, the Department of the Air on September 7. "Aunt Du hear laughs that is the return on September 7.

Commonly known as UNIFIL not blind infants

The evening will also be issued a "harmonious family Prize" to segment, talked about his nephew Li Ying current situation, She said the situation should have improved, but it was not clear details, She before in Vancouver and two-month stay in San Francisco, has just returned to Hong Kong a few days She also learned from the press Li infant car accident occurred. Asked her to be visited, she noted that the hospital can not accommodate too many people, she had not yet visited the other side, Rumor has it that Li Ying will be blind eye, the segment should not have said that, which will soon be visited.

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