Friday, June 29, 2007

Mr Cuicui swimsuit said Wai, who has shrunk

Photo : Jian Zheng Yue (from left), the Army, Lysa, Ye Cuicui, Huang Qi Lu hair meat

Ye recently Cuicui often true-to 3:00 yesterday, she and Lu Yun Shi, two Hong Kong men and yellow hair, Zheng Jian Yue attend the "Miss Watson × Hong Kong summer skin care for men", again with the Kennedy than going it alone, but on the alleged Wai diminished. And two Hong Kong men and yellow hair, Zheng Jian Yue on motorcycles to wear pants, the effect Jitu. The event, four more solar oil paint on each other, very Xiang-Yan.

Recently, a three-point swimsuit said the leaf Cuicui wear yesterday than Kennedy, on the Circuit has shrunk significantly, Before the fullness with very different results. She explained that this was due to the absence of pad reasons, and said : "I have no increase pad, the pad before the increase on the results, more It was normal ah. "Before the facelift hearsay, she emphasized that any parts are not processing. Yumiko Cheng performed earlier inadvertently dew point, she admitted the incident will be regarded as alert and revealed the body incurred for adhesive tapes, Lu rhyme with the former have played each other checks to vent spring.

Lu Lysa think Yumiko Cheng performed dew point is an accident, the future will be more careful. She and Yuan Ming Artemis is a good friend and the other side personal website Dark series leaves Cuicui facelift Regal and attended the dinner. She thought that the leaf Cuicui appearance elections would not be different, even if there is also likely to be dressed up is the reason.

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