Friday, June 29, 2007

Cheung Chi-lam from the lure loyal wife

Photo : Cheung Chi-lam of marriage confidence

Last night, Central Plaza, skin care products, held a campaign, guests are Cheung Chi-lam, Xue Zhilun, Zhang Tian Ai, Messers Alex Fong Chung-shun, Ana R, Jia Wu Lung, Yuchun, and the two pairs of lovers over gas and Wei-Te Hung Miss Chiu Kam-hing, Rosemary and Christopher also has the scene.

Recently celebrated accept "Zhiyun dinner visit" when asked if her husband found out how roller will do? Cheung Chi-lam said do not visit the answer is not interested to know. He said with a laugh : "It should be a dead end. "They asked whether the son of saving the marriage of the important factors that he felt between spouses if problems must be resolved, fortunate so far there has never been a marriage crisis, has not received any kind of temptation. He Xiaowei will meet with male friends, there was little chance of understanding the opposite sex. He jokes : "I utterly between life imprisonment, can only hope to generate. "

Rosemary and former boyfriend Christopher arrived at the scene to see that the media is separate. She stressed with each other is a friend and asked her mother, she told everyone not to worry, that no matter how useless all. Ana for the R cellmate was photographed together with the new race Dogs were unleashed, she said, if Ana R. happy enough that We recognized each other only is a friend, until the pursuit, she must support friends.

Huan Lai Fok, and the sex scandal with her boyfriend Jia Wu Lung market, Jia Wu Long said that the other side would like to pursue, as well as their enjoyment of the single life, very contradictory.

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