Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Race is proud pore

Photo : Race very good skin

Race for FANCL before summer filming a new trump card products Plane advertising, To highlight this mask can be dissolved effective blackhead, close-up shots of Race features, Race said with a smile always focus on skin care, the close-up shots with confidence.

Many people live to consult Race skin care experience, Race did not hesitate to share with you. as akin beauty experts. She said : "When the oil produced, nor do cleansing, the result of grease, dirt and aging horny plug pore. blackhead formed after oxidation, will stretch the original 0.05 mm pore. If indifferent or in the wrong way (eg Acupuncture, nubuck, nose stickers, etc.), will not only stimulate skin and skin will be more up bigger, even become lax. You have to pay tribute to my tender skin, it is clogging of the pores is in fact entirely deep cleansing facial mask. 」"

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