Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Columbia Devakula met with Wu Xiaoli Macao

Photo : A smart to leave a good impression, Wu Xiaoli

Mr Nat Chan (playing Columbia) and the famous female anchor, Wu Xiaoli, Last week was invited to the industry of Macao Chamber of Commerce dinner thousand begins and guest performers, although the duo is the first cooperation it is in harmony and understanding. They had a "swap" their most familiar language, featuring Columbia speak Mandarin, Cantonese, Wu Xiaoli said. But the same doors "screwdriver" and playing Brother Wu Xiaoli laugh out more humorous laugh delightedly. hope we will have more opportunities to cooperate with him.

As for the recent "runny Storm" then received leniency Job Ju relations with Colombia playing for years, Columbia playing over the years in favor of her appearance and good hearts have not changed, his first with a chorus Aunt Ju "two forgotten breathing water" A final Devakula also led the audience asked stir Ju Aunt opera "craze" one, as the audience climax. Apart from Aunt Ju Choir, featuring Columbia is the first disciple and choral performances, and the election by playing the Colombian singing lyrics of "separation Gan with mei" teacher and five out of eight people hospitable.

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