Saturday, June 09, 2007

Runny family regroupment implemented next year

Photo : Michele, and the Secretary of chess Aunt Ju Aunt chairman, it was caught flavor

Wireless drama "runny Storm" chapter outcome results achieved high ratings for the console in front of the stage and behind the scenes a group of staff, Special leave the hotel last night held a "runny turmoil dinner reception," plays the main cast including Lee Secretary game, Xia Yu, Kwan Ju, Michele, Hao Chen, Chung Jia-Xin, Yang Yi, Bosco Wong and Mr Farah, etc. attended, and the general manager of TVB more personally to thank everybody.

Console feasts 16 seats

Feast of the evening a total of 16 open seats, hotel and discount per seat 2,888 yuan wireless preferential treatment. During the performance the actors, led by Mr Stephen Chan Chi-wan to thank everyone, we have to catch a big Lease Lee Secretary game, Fine Lease and Tai Guan Ju Bao Xia Yu took office interview. He first asked whether the large Powell received a good job? Powell that the big corporation, I would like to thank Mr Stephen Chan Chi-wan. Congratulations on TVB after small Lease in Gongguan scale concerts. He then asked Secretary of chess my sister's life very rotten? Secretary of chess Aunt smiled : "I do not sleep, Powell filming ads and Lease also small-scale concerts, I will advance a. "Although the" pond "dramas applause popular, but producers do not pride Liu Hao, he said :" The revolution has not yet succeeded, much more to be done, to break through the 51 point rating. "Drama Division Deputy Director Li Zhen has also encouraged everybody said :" one comes in January next year to start another set. "After everybody on the stage opened bottles of champagne to celebrate, Zhenjie even suggested everybody with champagne in Chenhao leaching head, Hao Chen Jia-Xin and bell-like for more "cooperation : ENGLISH pay Cup," 2001. For the "pond" has come to a close, Guan Ju admitted no "runny" the very day habit. Asked her if she was lost? She said some not willing. Aunts and Secretary earlier in the game "runny entertained", selected 40 abalone, later hosted another staff. Another Lee Secretary game, Kuan Ju and Michele out in Macau yesterday to attend the King's jewelry "If like treasures." Jewelery previews, The three men wear with a total value of about 10 million yuan diamond jewelry. Lease asked to large, small Lease has received expensive jewelry, Secretary game easier : "Without it, as unlucky are bought, nobody sent. "Guan Ju said :" Yes, but are Haonai before. "Lease more detailed statement childhood Mata, have begun to buy small diamonds collections hedge against inflation. Big Lease said the first 77 spent 48,000 yuan to buy diamonds, and later told her mother's flat in Kowloon City are 50,000 yuan, When I look back now head a little regret. However, the "pond" show good results, recently bought a 10,000 yuan for the earrings reward themselves.

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