Saturday, June 09, 2007

Sherming Yiu environmental protection Yingchun infected blood

Photo : Sherming Yiu promote environmental awareness-lip

Sunny Chan, Shaun Tam and Wuyongwei, Sherming Yiu, Yuen Wah and Tang Wing-class and other "geopolitical from organic" actor To tie in drama for environmental issues, in particular yesterday to a Diamond Hill schools environmental campaign publicly actors hang plastic boxes, students will be recycled into the classification limits box, because the more rebellious kids more excited, the result of plastic bottles and aluminum cans flies, Apart from the rebellious Chinese girl Kivu chest, also limits the right to Sherming Yiu burst bloody upper lip. After the actor to the public to collect the remaining students canteen meals Song organic fertilizers, when the Chinese Song Columbia wishing to dispose of surplus rice to the tray children shall be IIs : "Well juice can be dumped! "China is obediently follow Columbia, we can see more children than adults environmental awareness.

Chest were strokes

Mrs. girl yesterday in addition to the chest infected ear being Mr LIN Nongtong plastic box, but she still believed that good fun, she said : "I deal with children have their own set of methods, I remember a friend to travel to Thailand, at the airport when two 8. nine-year-old children to point his finger at me, I would nominate them to participate in "a cruel bite," they were true that the performances turned 10 consecutive somersault, in the end, of course, is no longer capable of stirring up troubles of. But I will not force themselves must Health Aberdeen, very easygoing Well, I also have celebrated with the devil child 『son Have a Lease have felt satisfied. 」"

Lips are red

In addition, Sherming Yiu to reporters after the injuries, a little bit swollen upper lip, she smiled : "I never thought the children so vigorously, Unfortunately, unable to find the murderer. "She said that children sometimes play together really well epilepsy, like her nine-year-old brother were playing with guns at home. Black was shot-plasma TV, which happened when she won a 29-inch LCD television, were brought in.

Wireless after they eat lunch arrangements actor, but not Shaun meals they eat a hurry to go home to take care of their children. He said : "The children really too interesting. "He felt himself and his wife are first-time parents, it is hoped that more time with her son, even though his son will carry his sleep. even their fingers to his taste, his son said with a smile can help increase resistance.

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