Tuesday, June 05, 2007

"Runny" Finale ratings failed to record high

"runny" a drama throughout the city, but unfortunately could not break the audience "this long" record

Wireless drama "runny Storm" broadcast the outcome of articles last week, Finale night special arrangements "runny entertained" and the public to enjoy the plaza 40th set finale A series of promotional activities expectations "pond" can create drama series ratings history, to break 05 by the sisters "this long" to maintain the 50-point ratings records.

Wireless yesterday announced "runny Storm" ending a chapter in performance ratings, the average rating is 40 points Friday Finale ratings average 44 points, about 2.87 million viewers. "Pond" has the highest ratings of the moment is played by Hao Chen "in a" heart to the regular (Jia-Xin Zhong mins) Ultimate scene, 48 were recorded in the audience, about 3.1 million people watched, though failed to break the "big long this" 50 point record But already equaled the 03 players "stupid Chan said" the records within the past five years to become the highest ratings of one of the locally produced drama series.

The same as making new productions

Finale average rating and the "pond" has a 44 point performance, and 03 broadcast "1995's statue of" able to share, becoming the highest ratings outcome of locally produced TV drama Similarly failed to break "this long," ending an average viewership of 47 points record it has more than 05 "Ngawang new" and the 04 "held at the Concert Hall wishes to sin" for high ratings. "Pond" of the drama program even more high rating "plunged" the higher ratings than usual 5:00, about 300,000 more people watching. To celebrate the "pond" has become the highest ratings of local drama, wireless will be held again celebrating, and has stated that it will not "pond" has to start shooting a sequel, the same as a new theme will begin shooting a television series.

As for Sheren Tang, Ms Cecilia Yip Tin-E and commercial starring in a drama, "senior Army" last week, an average of 34 ratings, broadcast over the first week of high 2:00, and the ratings continued to rise. However, in the Saturday night broadcast of "Miss Record interview," but the audience only 18:00, Only about 1.16 million viewers. proven reform programs in the form of beauty help restore programs in recent years Miss decline in the ratings.

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