Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Tided Yan Cannes investigation by the Arch / stars

This year's Cannes Film Festival, the Asian film production people, the very significance, second only to the Palme d'Or prize for the Jury Award and two Best Actress awards from Japan and South Korea won, for Asian films for a greatly relieved, hateful, we have not tasted the sweetness of Wong Kar-Wai.

During the presentation ceremony, the camera's focal point almost all the video after all degrees Yan himself. The South Korean actress says trophy back media interviews, still enveloped in a blank brain said, still not really believe that Arch, only has she laughs This is the best gift after marriage. Yan was all happy for granted, but the film "Miyang" was definitely more happy believed to be the director Lee Chang-dong's Movies, because it is his fight to return to a government official in the first film, the heroine of the award-winning film to prove that he is still a popular concept, He can continue to uphold his principles.

Lee Chang-dong's Movies in the 1990s "Green Fish" fame overseas. After the "Oasis of Love" to the disabled woman, the love story that was equally well received, But after his Korean government's invitation to be South Korea's Ministry of Tourism and Culture Minister, to bid farewell to his behind the scenes work, However, to do more than a year after the minister for his government to open the market to the United States that he did not safeguard the interests of the industry and resign The director can see the dedication of the film.

The return of Lee Chang-dong's Movies certainly not anticipated to the movie "Miyang" in Cannes, Australia, But he has always been convinced that humanity in general can move the audience. The whole story was played Yan woman lost her husband, she took her son back to her husband's hometown Miyang re-lived, hateful in her life thought that a bit of hope, she once again lost their loved ones, she again to the verge of collapse. Fortunately, the garage boss Song, the love of her rekindle hope. director on the use of a role which he stresses of life, sorrow and hope.

Star of this show, Yan said that the whole point was also hurt the human drama of despair, she has his mind properly, depends on the director, said that she can get rid of his apprehensions input to the role. And making the aquatic show, the only Baptist 7 degrees Celsius temperature, spina shot after a show, I also lean her to be hospitalized. However, the tragic figure told the presence of people have been touched, even opponents Song, also could not hold back to tearful; and sincere performances have impressed the Cannes accredited by the entire degrees Yan Arch is justified.

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