Thursday, June 07, 2007

Seventh director doomed to bear fruit

Photo : While the original plateau before the start of the evening gala send text messages (this perturbation)

An intern reporter Huang Wen Xian on the 6th -- At 8:00, 2007 Xi'an Qujiang homemade film "New Works" ceremony in Xi'an Evening people Theater. popular former movie star plateau, Huang, nurseries, etc., to join Yao Chen. Evenings announced by the jury selected on the recommendation of the new movie, and recommend new directors recommend new actors, The winning three directors were obtained 100,000 yuan of funds to help.

Shushimao boldly criticized

Recalling the evening in the 1980s in the last century splendor of the great western movies started off 06-Tanweiwei female runner-up, sang the "Yellow River Bellflower", "Going" and other classic oldies, Wu Tianming, Xie Fei, Huang Jianxin and the older generation of filmmakers to newcomers for the new presentation, right is on the rise in the seventh director of the revitalization of domestic films have high hopes. Although famous director Feng Xiaogang to the scene, but there has been a pair of newcomers to the encouragement, "Movies are us, is yours, but in the final analysis, or you, to move forward. "Shushimao actor award speeches, boldly criticized some famous last of talented directors would invest 100 million yuan to the domestic large emotions, This new commended the new shoot for the people to see the film, film delicate sincere feeling deeply touched by all the judges.

Award-winning films cover a wide range of subjects related to love, the mentally disabled children, the poor students, soldiers, award-winning director of the youngest and most Hao Liang Yi-only 23-year-old, award-winning actor Tibetan youth Deputies Sang see measures only 19 years old, His performance has been appraised as "rustic to the grassroots can smell the fragrant earth." Evenings also decide the future action star -- Ze Cheng Hu, the audience that he is very much resembles the action star Bruce Lee.

Young actor acclaim

Evenings, the first held in Qujiang Film Forum, the well-known film playwright, director, academics, investors on how to revitalize the domestic film ideas were presented, but also fierce discussed the "money could Zachu large area of China? " Fifth-generation Chinese directors of the Oscar is not as complex Chinese writers of the Nobel complex, We have no sense of belonging is the embodiment? "Sharp topic.

"Domestic film Qujiang New Works Exhibition" in March this year launched in Beijing, Shanghai, Xian field of nearly 100 movie, comprehensive display of a rising China the seventh generation, a new director. Jury gathered Wu Tianming, Xie Fei, Huang Jianxin, Directed by Jia Zhangke, and have just received the Berlin Film Festival's Golden Bear Award Wang Quan-An, and other famous movie stars.

The list of winners for the couple's new director for the promotion : Wanghuanwu, YUAN Wei.

Yu Zhuang new. For newcomers to promote new films : "Love the teeth," Yu Zhuang new film, "six small" Wanghuanwu directed "Summer Story" Liu Qiang directed. New Works promote Cast : Zhao Yi "six small" actor, Yan Yan C "Love the teeth," the heroine, Deputies Sang see measures "fantasy" actor.

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