Thursday, June 07, 2007

Mark Kelly continue to support creative

Photo : Kelly standing there feeling pretty children

Kelly (Kelly) very good intentions, she attended yesterday's "strength sushi" branches opening ceremony, did not forget to do good things, In addition to the money she donated to the full "Kelly Bursary Fund for Children", with the collaboration of sushi shop "Rainbow love charitable projects," for fund raising. Kelly expressed the hope that within one month can be raised 300,000 yuan donation.

Kelly earlier to the crew to practice horse riding, her devices so that she bruising her right arm scars are still clearly visible. Kelly said that the need to rely on Zhexiagao conceal scars, in a year's time is expected to be completely removed. Kelly said that again recently her devices, but also hurt their feet, the left medial locations recovery. Although the road smooth, kick and dance, then there Horry feeling. According to the doctor that it would take three weeks time to recover, it has to rest for two weeks, it was a week to rest, rest, She lost to Chengdu showmanship opportunity for the loss of her six figure reward.

Worried that her boyfriend filming her devices

Kelly films which carry loads for injuries her boyfriend have advised her not to filming? She said that her boyfriend is afraid of the California horse, I am afraid it frightening. Kelly said the previous injuries and the cause, she said, then went to the horse side column, inadvertently touched the bottom of the railing so frightened, ordered her to drop, she fears most frightening Ma, also told her boyfriend to be careful, but do not call her.

Recently Mark (Mark) of suspected copied songs, saying that he made to the Leo Ku's new song "Jianjianjianjian" Plagiarism is a veteran British rock group Queen's "Bohemian Rhapsody." Kelly said the Queen never heard of this song, so any comments. Mark for the past Kelly for a song, is also accused of a suspicion of copying. Mark Kelly said maintenance may-style songs, Mark would for use, Queen she had not heard of this song, not deliberately look for this song to listen to, in short not to confirm. She Punt Mark creativity which is quite innovative, praising Jizai This is the first new song proudly.

Kelly said that the future will continue to work with Mark, but he would urge the quick pay song. Mark asked her to sing the songs are not afraid of pressure? She said no justifications, just doing what. She continued asked whether the letter Mark copied songs? Kelly responded by saying that certain elements of fashionable songs will be used, it seems like the tide costumes. Father's Day approaching, the day Kelly had planned to accompany her father for dinner to celebrate.

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