Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Shanghai Vietnam to the Celebration Theater

To celebrate the 10th anniversary of the handover, the department organized a Shaoxing opera performances, the more engaged the Theater performed in Hong Kong for three days to four. date for July 13 to 15, at the cultural center, the Grand Theater and exhaling operas including "A Dream of Red Mansions" (3pm Fangefen, Sun Zhijun, Mr Yang Ping, Wang Zhiping, Zhang Chengxue good, Zheng Feng, Zhang Yongmei); Field Day speech on the 14th opera, Drama "blood fingerprint" (Jing Jin, Ding small frogs), "Plum Court's Pei Fang" (new Xu Biao, Deng Hua Wei), "Jade Dragonfly's mother settled in the deserted considered" (Wang Zhiping, Zheng Feng), "Meng Li-jun's Shanglin Parkland Poem" (odd-Ping Yang, Zheng Feng) "flower of a gentleman's March 2 overtaking Chen Tong" (3pm Sun Zhijun, Xu Jie); Speech long night drama "Greatest intelligence grievances" new scriptwriter (3pm Fangefen, Xu Jie); "Orphan of the Zhao Family" new scriptwriter (3pm Sun Zhijun, Xu Jie, Zhang Chengxue good).

To perform in Hong Kong, Shanghai and Vietnam Theater, established in 1955, as the first-term president Yuanxuefen. Theater creation, adaptation, finishing the costume drama and parody out a total of 400. Include "The Butterfly Lovers", "The Romance of the Western Chamber", "A Dream of Red Mansions." The "Dream of the Red Chamber" to the Grand Theater tailor made in the new edition, called the Shanghai Culture display charisma of a marker for, North Korea and the National Arts Theater adaptation of the opera transplantation. Theater has two performances Theater, the woman Shaoxing opera Red Chamber Theater Company and the men and women, etc., elites. Zhuo success of artists such as : Yuan Xuefen, Fanruijuan, Fu Quanxiang, Xu Yulan, Dept.of, Gui-Feng Zhang, LU flowers, Lu:ruiyang, gold mining phoenix, such as 3pm. This time to the performance of Shaoxing opera Yin 3pm (GUI) faction hsiaosheng, Shaoxing opera known as Prince, who has performed in Hong Kong Hong Kong fans like the actor. To the actor with a Yuan (Xue-fen) faction Beijing Opera Fangefen Lu (Ruiying) faction Beijing Opera Sun Zhijun, Lu (Jinhua) faction hsiaosheng Xu Jie, Wang (Wenjuan) faction Beijing Opera Yang Ping Shan and Wang Zhiping, etc..

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