Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Wu Yu Fei feeling lonely holiday alone

Photo : Wu Yu Fei Bao Zong first attempt -

Wu Yu-fei (Kary) yesterday attended Langham Place, Mong Kok, the campaign, the Dragon Boat Festival falls, Kary scene arrangements packet Zong, and she packet Zong is very special, with the use cheese, fruit, potato chips? very engaging Forget.

Little Kary into the kitchen, saying that she is also the first attempt to package Zong son. She has been admitted to not interested in cooking, weekdays from Mummy responsible for cooking meals, However, recently, parents have gone to Canada to participate in his brother's graduation ceremony, the Dragon Boat Festival this she only spent one person alone. So lonely accompany flu. Asked her why she did not find her boyfriend standing scandal? Kary pretend that not!

In addition, Kary blew before they drive through the busy Mong Kok, the car suddenly bad, because a male friend of the guests of honor She is worried that people will be photographed and came out scandal, and so she had to look for help from colleagues.

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