Tuesday, June 12, 2007

She became see A woman ripped Cam bridge

Photo : Lin Feng (left) and Cam female (second from right) A SHE (second from left), Liang Jing Qi and brother (right) cool down the sex scandal

Miaojiaowei (brother) since coming out of retirement as the Forum, is limitless Yan Fu, together with different wireless Beijing Opera crew and He scandal attendant. He recently following Liang Jing Qi, with feature-sex scandal. Three more homogeneous starting yesterday to the Shanghai propaganda "time situation." Moreover, with the A-SHE Madezhong the scandal, really very exciting.

"It is none of my business"

Miaojiaowei group of actors, pointing Hu, Ma Dezhong, Lin Feng, Sheren Tang, drama and Liang Jing Qi. Qi yesterday at the airport of departure for Shanghai, new productions of "years Fengyun" propaganda. Scandal and the men and women became Liang Jing Qi Fu will meet over the dumping end, the duo also generous to kids. But when asked by a reporter to join another scandal Actress drama, it immediately became an uneasy, the entire "hard" the same. More immediately after the win over Lin Feng-wen women and shooting big picture together. However, Cam woman died on the very topic, said with a laugh : "Oh, do not even have my business.

For this time accompanied by two female sex scandal out ports, brother said with a laugh : "OK Matata and sleepless Forget, 2003! "On this occasion has his wife Cumeizhen peer, he is not referring to his wife they would go with him are of time to. Commenting A scandal She also reported that, brother, wherever he was one with which he is not evasive, it is most important to his wife believed him. He said : "It Toby, A She got seven countries Easy chaos, microphones to the three firms, the median with my wife Cam women Tim! "He said, referring to the news it is only in hot water, with very low credibility.

News in hot water

As for the other pairs scandal and the men and women Madezhong A SHE yesterday failed to see the face mentality. Madezhong scene of the latest Arab She saw more people like character. Xinhua called on the two kids, they have demonstrated reluctance even more enterprises to the middle distance. After A Toby She then pulled together and Cam female video for kids. She asked to think A scandal actor with two out ports together, what feeling? She said : "The scandal of extremely hot water. (Then became sent 99 roses give to you.) In fact, Rose is a friend Coaxial delivery. "Asked him whether this visit became evasive? She said not afraid, because every time out, as well as a large class people do together. As Toby did not believe that the brothers would be sent to the A SHE Rose, she refers to their own daughters, who have not received flowers.

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