Tuesday, June 12, 2007

George Lam female fans were mad Jiang Wen

Photo : George Lam and total devotion to God

Series of four "God still loves George Lam concert" night to a successful conclusion. Concert, A Lam (George Lam) fans Jiang Wen, more female fans to throw, a very warm.

A Lam sing "can not", then approached the audience and then suddenly a thousand female fans rushed out, A Lam to kiss, embrace the request with him. A Lam female fans by the enthusiasm frighten Xiaowei to each other : "I told you a taste of tin, not rape miles! "The female fans the opportunity to let go immediately to kiss A Lam's mouth and very crazy.

Evening performances guests Lo has not sing in the 17 years he sang full three songs, including "Evening" "accompany you go" and "Bird days," thunderous applause from the audience. On some songs to the audience refused to leave, A Lam asked whether we laugh not go? Then sing the "Digital Life", Theresa A funny Lam asked to sing the song? She has not heard of miles, to the time she Lam A declaration of war. A Theresa Lam to see the Big Dipper singing to her Xiaowei : "You kill melons! "A final Lam will sing the" Asian Lane father, "two palaces strength of the choice of singers, the audience could hear the listeners.

Sally Yeh did not accept a visit

After the concert, his wife Sally (Sally Yeh), and his father, Lam A mother also attended the victory banquet. A Lam asked whether Theresa with the second level of cooperation? He said that it is not dumping, or will take port, but not implemented, the musicians will have to return the following day for the United States, this time with some world-class musicians, really very happy. A Lam originally blew the orchestra will play will be in bed, a bed on the stage, but the stage is too small to be shelved. Speaking by female fans embrace us, A Lam also said that the night before he was searing, suddenly swerved Taiwan kiss him. He has made it clear in advance not raced ahead of others, but useless! Sally asked why not come on stage to sing, he refers to Sally that he is a concert. Victory banquet, Sally refused to visit and laugh means he is eligible.

God reverse wear clothes

After the concert, Theresa is likely to visit the United States to visit large woman, because the other side before the crash, good luck now without incident. Theresa recall this concert, there are some interesting, she smilingly said he had tried to reverse clothes to wear, She threw two minutes fashions, to concerts, and she has now been reduced by 20 pounds, but she still suffers from alleged fertilizer. Her husband said with a smile that she should not skinny pants, it should be more solid.

Caishaofen Qi Wang Zu-blue Air show

Mei concerts, many fans attended the human circle, including Caishaofen, Wang Zu-blue, Kai Huang Yan, Xiedexian, Cai Jie, Miss Gigi Leung and her mother, ZHENG Rong, Xuekaiqi with her mother, and beside Mr Nat Chan, Chan Kwok-keung and his wife, and so on. Scandal and the men and women Wang Zu-Blue Caishaofen may arouse suspicion join the scene to watch show, but admission after Caishaofen with Kai Huang Yan same. Wang Zu-blue sign not, the reporter asked whether Caishaofen with Wang Zu-blue casual dating? She said with a smile, we said yes is.

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