Sunday, June 03, 2007

South Korea to see from the Cannes film ups

All degrees at the Cannes Yan Arch, the downturn will impact on South Korea films?

60th session of the Cannes Film Festival has just ended, by the Romanian film "4 Months, Weeks 3 and 2 Days "won the Palme d'Or best film award, a number of Wong Kar-Wai fan disappointed. But Asia has also won two film awards, including the Korean film "Miyang" Actresses tided Yan become the Cannes Film, Japanese film "Sen's funeral," awarded the Jury Prize, it is encouraging.

Tided Yan had performed "Kuailedaosi" and the cross-starred with Bae Yong Jun's "Taoqing Kam-Po", the audience should be familiar with her. Tided Yan After winning, the South Korean Internet users have online congratulations to President Roh Moo-hyun was also all praise Yan sprightly excellence, "Miyang" South Korea has shown the film potential. South Korea is the exhibition of "Miyang" because of the winners and box office revenues soared, better than the original box office daily list of the "Pirates of the Caribbean : The ultimate magic of bootlegging Wang war."

However, retail sales, the Korean film this year's Cannes Film Festival has been the cold. South Korea's beautiful film stalls and the huge propaganda offensive has failed to attract buyers. Many Korean distributors that this year's Cannes Film Festival empty. Buyers were South Korea films are very careful, in the past few years, the enthusiasm is no longer appear "Feng" has come to an end. Why?

Korean films over the past few years may be the biggest market is Japan, in the most glorious day, South Korea some film sold in Japan alone has an area to recover the cost of both surplus because of the South Korean dramas in Japan is very popular, so film on the employment of TV stars making films, Japan welcomed the audience greatly, then many Korean films in Japan is no longer a box-office smash, and then lose this most important markets. This production has the form of education of the Japanese film and television characters they employ to make a film, TV investment Last year more than 600 production (40% of the television investment). Japan, the pure love was charged by the local audience, this film Han drowned.

The second reason is that Korean films for worldwide marketing of high technical requirements, resulting in increased costs local revenue to balance expenditures.

South Korea's film of "Feng" wind the same way that it should take emergency measures. The first is to reduce the expenditure of the festival may have failed to see the magnificent Korean film stalls; Second only to a few film festivals such as Cannes, France, Hong Kong and South Korea FilmART Pusan; the third is not to have to buy all the film festivals, in order to save costs. Korean movie market last year accounted for more than 60% of South Korea, but this year the good times did not last, distributors will buy more foreign-language film the picture.

The two Asian countries are at the Cannes Film Festival in Aspen, but behind the film market are the matches. Sometimes things can really look not only at the surface.

Tian Li

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