Friday, June 15, 2007

Ting Feng shoot scenes danger to passers-by acclamation

Photo : Ting Feng shot a roof leap

The new movie "boyish" Thailand is now late, Tse one of the protagonists in the film Me has the most difficult action scenes, the future day during filming familiarity physical, in the best condition to show them to anyone.

However, during the shooting Tingfeng inevitably made whole body bruised, especially chasing a suspect Tablets action drama, He needs to climb onto the motorcycle from the station -- the top, dives warning also hit by large buses, tumble and then jumped over two taxi roofs, finally moving in the taxi hit the top of the suspects attempted to flee. Coherent chain of action Fengjie shooting seven hours in the West Central downtown attracted a large number of passers-by the onlookers. Ting Feng no substitute for this game, dives speculation by bus, this game alone took a June 7 meeting, so that his left hand, Zheng shoulders and hands into a large blockage, the front, he felt that it was minor matter, the rest is a little chain action picture again. Bozhi unknown Tingfeng she saw her husband is worried that this struggle, or moved miles!

Ting Feng formal filming the moment, watching passers-by did not dare to make their voices heard so that he could concentrate on the performance. To complete the dangerous movements and directing a "Good Take", the presence of all officers and passers-by acclamation for him.

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