Friday, June 15, 2007

CCTV Celebration "sister" broadcast in June

Photo : Zhang Ning (from left), and Cao Xi Wen Kuang Chen Ji attended "sisters" in a press conference

To meet the 10 anniversary of the return of Hong Kong to China, the China Central Television drama production center in China, the Guangdong Provincial CPC Committee Propaganda Department, Guangdong TV station produced a joint 30-part television drama series "Sisters." Just recently in Beijing held a grand press conferences and screenings, plays actor dressed up to attend. The drama has been scheduled for the June 16, 2003 in the midst of a prime-time broadcast.

Participating series honored

The drama gathered in the mainland and Hong Kong and Taiwan actors, including adopted children, starring Cao Xi Wen, also QIN Pei, Zhang Ning, Lin Cui, Chih - Hao Lin, Chen Kuang Ji, a yellow flew with Powell and other static performances. Story to two major centers for leading actress in return decade, the duo encounter different life, go our different path in life. Story will be added to the reunification decades people have encountered problems, such as the financial turmoil, bird flu, such as the outbreak of atypical pneumonia. CCTV also sent Leo Ku and Kelly choral ballet theme song, another episode from Chen Kuang Ji songs.

Able to exercise such great significance to a large TV, and everyone said deeply honored Just because the celebration of the 10th anniversary of the return of Hong Kong, is a representative of the whole of Hong Kong, and even China's television, can be involved in the concert is a very rare opportunity.

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