Tuesday, June 26, 2007

"Wang Wang show" good box office to film a sequel

Photo : Rai text Charlene Choi pleasant cooperation

Film "show Wang Wang" exhibition a week received more than 6 million, the victory banquet was held last night, several characters Charlene Choi, Rai text you Nam, Ms Chen Guo Jardine attended. And A Sa and two apprentices, Sir James also served as master of ceremonies. However, in the absence of the draft, with only A Sa Sir James saliva tail. The meeting also held a presentation ceremony, presented by Sir James "bunk sleeve Award" to the behind-the-scenes staff to create one after another. Ms Yue, in the new "beauty prize", and the correct pronunciation A Sa was awarded the "Best Foreign Language Film Actress."

As the ideal movie box office now plans to start shooting a sequel. A Sa in a movie star's sexy, if making the sequel, she said with a smile on some Wai also freshened. The 34 D, the lower must have 34 E., or can be exchanged with Sir James to his role. However, A Sa rejected the same as Sir James had shaved heads and wearing hair can be said with a smile. because she felt that her head-not pretty good.

Recently cut the hair of A Sa think that had long hair gives the impression that adults play, the reporter asked whether there was laughter someone like her have long hair? She immediately explain it is like to join themselves. Reporter asked whether she cut hair sovereign doctrine? Meihaoqi She said : "I am going to faint La! Cut my own hair-idea. "However, she will change the hairstyle for a boyfriend? She usually Xiaowei government actively sought international recognition of the other side to meet her. As for her own likes Boys hairstyle cool.

Ideal for the box office, Sir James received several unknown number of good, but word is a good thing. He said this shoot films, film companies have agreed to start a day only 10 hours, because he will endure Night disease. His daughter to see the film, praising her father brilliant performances. But he feel in need of improvement, because too many actors, difficult to control.

Meanwhile, Huang Chen Guo is also South guest this film, but do not know where Chen Guo, who also performed the South. Southern also said earlier with Sir James studied opera for several months, and these two have together Gu Jie Lin Xue. He condolences Kotani? He said the government has made a short message, I believe that the other side does not want harassment. Kotani had told them not to worry.

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