Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Eason Chan and associates Choral Celebration

Photo : Eason Chan and Chung guests at the "Shenzhen-Hong Kong Care Yiu China," creating a momentum Celebration activities

Hong Kong Special Administrative Region government and the Shenzhen municipal government, organized the "Decade of bauhinia flowers Shenzhen Tongxin Hong Kong China," Shenzhen-Hong Kong young people to celebrate the anniversary of the reunification of Hong Kong with 10 million people gathering, July 1 will leave the Window ball stage, then performing singers including Andy Lau, Eason Chan, including Hacken Lee, Miss Gigi Leung, Twins and Leo Ku, Beijing 100039, and so on. Young people of all circles in Hong Kong yesterday Celebration of the 10th anniversary of the Committee, held a press conference to announce details of the activity. meeting in the Central Liaison Office in Hong Kong, Li Gang, deputy director in conjunction with the other guests Care irrigation officiated at the ceremony bauhinia flowers, Eason Chan (Eason), Fei-Yin was also present.

Eason disclosed evening will feature a choir and associates "Zhanzaigaogangshang" back in 03, He told associates to perform all the time. He felt a bit last performance flaws, this matter with the Hong Han chorus, would like to see better performance. Eason dared to refer to laugh snatched Anzi (Andy Hui) honey? Eason said laughingly : "No looting, are all singing gel, will have a variety of honey, gel are all friends, some close friends can call honey. (Then you will ask no one to do honey?) I do very little good honey. (Easy tell you point your wife?) His wife wife, or his comrade-in-arms Hello! "

Smile Eason associates will appreciate if this is of the campaign? He felt that people like to write is of the people, especially the campaign chest, he would not ask ourselves first of the family went to enjoy the chest, liked to watch than the girl in the foot. It often refers to Miss swimsuit editions, and he felt the beauty pageant has nothing to do with the chest, Your Choice is on the Line wisdom and the rest.

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