Friday, June 29, 2007

Wei-lan five years did not go on dates prayer Remembrance

Photo : Wei-Wei admitted against sister poem casual dating

Wei-lan (Janice), Jing-Xuan Zhang, Guang-Yu Fei and Wu yesterday for tonight's concert rehearsals. The four will appear in nostalgia modeling, singing the golden oldies foreign, Janice said more happy to sing because the songs are in English, they do not need to back lyrics For Wei Shi pointed sister (Jill) breaking up with boyfriend, the Janice surprised to say : "never mistake it, That will not talk to me about anything, burst clear from this she asked. "It also sometimes hear from them for frivolous things quarrel seems like he would ask Jill why not make phone calls to him. Before Jill said Janice disagree with her casual dating, Janice admit that the case, sister because she hoped to concentrate on work, but Jill also has its own ideas. Asked whether she was afraid boyfriend trouble? She said the passage of five years without casual dating, good people Guazhu trouble feeling.

Menuhin Aberdeen Si - qi slapped six slap in the face

In addition, the New Menuhin Tsai said with a smile, "love" karaoke version of the MV, actress topless with dew point shots Actress immediate make the bare posture funniest scenes. However, we therefore can not be broadcast on television, the TV version of the MV find a Yangsaiqi cooperation and the inside was slapped Si - qi almost six Menuhin Aberdeen joked that he might offend the director would do.

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